Split Systems Solar Geysers

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With a Split System Solar Geyser installation we use your existing geyser and convert that to a solar geyser. You still have electric back-up and a timer on your existing geyser for those cloudy or rainy days when there is no sun. Your existing geyser thermostat will (when the timer goes on at the set times) determine the temperature of the water and should it need to be a little warmer, switch on the element and heat the water to the required and set temperature. On reaching the set temperature the element will switch off automatically. If the sun heated the water enough (which it does on a normal day) at the set time, the element will not be switched on.

sunsol solar geyser split system

The Split Systems Solar Geysers includes:

  • Correctly sized evacuated tubes panel.
  • Solar pump and 12 volt pv panel.
  • All pipework.
  • Fittings and lagging to all the pipes we install.
  • We also fit an electric timer for back-up when you have a couple of rainy days.

The Ideal Solar Split System

This system is ideal for the person who does not want a big geyser on the roof of the house. It appears very neat. It is also perfect for the person who don’t need to replace the existing geyser if it is still in working order. Should you need to change your geyser in future it is a simple task for the installer to connect the panel to the new geyser.

Installed Prices


Split System

R 15 900.00 Per Install

5 Year Warranty


Split System

R 17 900.00 Per Install

5 Year Warranty

You don’t have to change your existing geyser to have a solar heated system. We simply install a solar water heater panel to your existing geyser and you have free hot water from the sun.  Most households will save more than 40% on their monthly electricity account.

GeyserWise Controller

Included for Free! Per Unit
Geyserwise Hot Water Controller
sunsol solar split system
sunsol solar split system 3
sunsol solar geyser split system